Peedie Kirk

United Reformed Church

Rev Susan Kirkbride

Our minister is Revd Susan Kirkbride.

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News from the Peedie Kirk.

18 April. It has been announced that Orkney is to remain in COVID level 3 restrictions after 26 April. Level 3 currently includes strong restrictions on church opening. Under the rules our capacity with 2m distancing is about 17 households and singing is not permitted. We continue to open the church on Sunday between 2 and 3pm to watch a version of the week's on-line service (above) on the big screen. This will be shown at 2 and 2.30 pm this week.

Please consider carefully your safety before you come. The church has been sanistised and most seats blocked off to ensure physical distancing. Masks must be worn, entry via main door and exit via side passage. Please sanitise hands on way in and out. Your personal details will be recorded for purposes of track and trace.

If anyone wishes to speak to the minister please do phone on 761829. Any news, or even if you are just want a yarn, do please call.

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The Peedie Kirk is part of the United Reformed Church and, locally, a member of Kirkwall Council of Churches. We are an Eco-Congregation