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News from the Peedie Kirk.

With building work largely completed the kitchen has been cleaned and re-stocked. The church has been cleared. The Deacons will be meeting soon to discuss next steps.

If anyone wishes to speak to the minister please do phone on 761829. Any news, or even if you are just want a yarn, do please call.

Our virtual Peedie Kirk continues with our 'tea together at home'. All you have to do is prepare a cup of coffee or tea, select a biscuit or cake (or both!) and settle down with your home phone, Ipad/tablet, mobile phone, laptop or even a PC! We will offer both a visual link if on a laptop / Ipad etc or audio only if dialing in  from your phone*. 

Phone number 0330 088 1939 you will be asked to input code number. This code is on the letter sent to you, if not received please phone the minister on 761829

From a laptop /Ipad etc click here just before 3pm

* Calls to 03 numbers are charged at your normal rate and are included in any package you have for calls on your phone or mobile.  


If you would like to receive daily devotions from the URC please click here

The Peedie Kirk is part of the United Reformed Church and, locally, a member of Kirkwall Council of Churches. We are an Eco-Congregation

Our minister is Revd Susan Kirkbride.

Rev Susan Kirkbride

A registered Charity SCO 12028. Please refer to important information

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