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The Peedie Kirk

Kirkwall, Orkney

A United Reformed Church

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Peedie Kirk, Kirkwall. Picture (c) Lorraine Bruce 2016

A brief history

Kirkwall Congregational Church was established in 1806 after a mission by Dr Haidane. The first church was established somewhere about the head of Laing Street. The second, built during the ministry of Rev G Robertson, was at the Bridge, in the building we know as Leonards. This was owned by Mr George Leonard news agent and bookseller.

In 1823 a fresh site was obtained in Mill Street.The church was built on the site, where later a Temperance hall and theatre would stand. It was built at a cost of £515, 14s, 2d. After fifty three years such heavy repairs were necessary, that it was decided to build a new church in Palace Road. This new church was opened 19 November 1876 practically free from debt and has been in continual use to this day.

Rev David Ramsav 1807

Rev George Robertson 1814-1834

Rev Thomas Smith McKean 1838

Rev D Webster 1842-1847

Rev George Smith 1847-1852

Rev James McNaughton 1852-1859

Rev W N Chalice 1868-1870

Rev Alexander Smith MA 1870-1872

Rev Alexander Pirie 1873-1883

Rev J Hodge 1883-1885

Rev J Blair 1886-1889

Rev Kenneth McKenzie 1890-1892

Rev J W Chalmers 1893-1894

Rev George Garrard 1896

Rev Robert Rigg 1905-1912

Rev David Foulis 1912-1914

Rev John L Edmonston 1914-1915

Rev E J Sanderson 1915-1919

Rev G C Thomson 1920-1923

Rev Alfred Wilson 1924-1928

Rev J R McCorkingdale 1929-1937

Rev J W Morley 1938-1947

Rev J R McCorkingdale 1948-1955

Rev T B Gordon 1956-1964

Rev Leonard Sykes 1964-1969

Rev Dr. Joyce Collie MA Ph.D 1973-1980

Pastor James MaCrae 1980-1994

Student Minister Fiona Bennett 1995-1996

Pastor John W Muir 1996-2006

Rev John W Muir 2006-2013

Rev Susan Kirkbride MTh. 2016 -

Ministers of the Peedie Kirk

Revd. Susan Kirkbride

Minister of Peedie Kirk

Revd Susan Kirkbride